We are so excited to have small groups starting in our church.  We absolutely believe that forming deep lasting relationships with other Christians is an essential part of every believer's faith journey.  As a leader or host, you will have a huge opportunity to minister and encourage the rest of your group.

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What is the format or curriculum?

Our small groups will be sermon based.  We will use the Sunday morning sermon as the basis of our group discussions.  Each Sunday afternoon, a new lesson page will be added to the small group page (here).  The lesson will consist of 3-5 sections, each with a video clip for the group to watch together and thought provoking questions with scripture to discuss together.

When will groups meet?

Each leader and host team can decide together when they would like to meet.

Where will groups meet?

Small groups work best when they meet in an inviting atmosphere.  Meeting in the hosts home is the ideal place.  Restaurants or secluded public places might work - but in general the living room is the most intimate place to meet.  The one big requirement is that the meeting space needs a screen big enough for everyone to see and someway of displaying our website with the video clips and questions on that screen. 


We will encourage the whole church to join a small group on the kickoff date, but we find personal invitations to work the best.  People have a tendency to join a group that is specifically asking for them to join.  So, just ask yourself, "Who do I want to hang out with more?"  Those are the people you will want to invite!  

Each leader and host team can decide together what type of group they want to lead.  Some examples are: Singles, Young Couples, Youth, Seniors, Couples with kids.  Open to anyone groups are ok too!

How long will the groups go for?

The kickoff date is Feb. 5th 2017 and this first round is planned for 10 weeks.  Our plan is to have 3, ten week rounds per year.  This will include a long break for summer, and the holiday season.


Building long-term relationships with other believers.  Community.

Do you guys even know what you're doing?

Yes and No.  Small groups are new for our church.  We've had a test group going for a few months - and it has been really successful in building relationships, community, and a deeper walk with the Lord.  We think that God is calling for greater unity and community to be built in our church body - and this feels like the most natural way to do it.