A Church name change was proposed and passed by a majority voice vote at our Family Meeting on 2/11/18.  Faith Tabernacle is now Refuge City Church

1. When does this become official?

This shift will be a process.  Our bylaws changed with the vote, but things like logos, printed media, offering envelopes and banners will take some time to develop and change.  We don’t expect everyone to immediately use the new name.  Faith Tabernacle has an amazing history, and we know the shift will happen gradually.

2.  Why Refuge City?

Our church has a great reputation as a place where people can find hope, restoration, and healing.  It is a Refuge.  The word Refuge has been used prophetically over our city and our church many times.  This name puts us into alignment with the ministry already happening at our church.

3.  What was wrong with our old name?

Nothing.  But from a cultural standpoint, the word Tabernacle has fallen into disuse.  Most people don’t know how to spell it, or even what it means.  Many times we are confused for another religion altogether.  We believe this name change will communicate our DNA more clearly to our culture.

4.  Are we still an Assembly of God church?

Absolutely yes.

5.  When should I start writing checks to Refuge City Church instead of Faith Tabernacle?

When our offering envelopes change, your checks should change too.  Legally our name will be Faith Tabernacle, doing business as Refuge City Church.  Checks to Faith Tabernacle will always be valid.

6.  Does this have anything to do with Refugees or Sanctuary Cities?

No.  Psalm 91 promises that, “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”  Our church is a refuge, our city is a refuge.  A refuge is a place where hurting people can find hope, healing and restoration.  Politics has no part in this.

7.  What about the costs that come with a name change?

Thankfully, the cost will be minimal.  Most of our advertising is digital and word of mouth.  Once our new logo is finished, the shift will have almost no additional cost associated.  We intend to use our existing printed materials until the normal time for replacement comes.