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Mother's Day

| Group Study |

Watch the short clips below, and answer the questions associated with each.  You can do this alone - but it's always more fun with a group of friends! Be sure to read/study the scriptures in each section.  God's word is the standard by which we measure all our thoughts and ideas.


1 | Brokenness in Perspective

After the tragic losses of her husband and two sons, Naomi returns to Judah during Harvest.  During this time, she felt broken, empty, and in complete despair.  What she didn’t realize was that she wasn’t alone; not only was God there with her, He had kept Ruth by her side.

  • Have you ever been in a time when you also felt broken and lost, dealing with life’s issues without any help
    • What helped you through that time?
  • Have you ever looked back at a negative time in your life and realized that a lot of good came out of that situation such as wisdom, better understanding, a deeper relationship with God, friends, etc?

Scripture: Ruth 1:1-22, Psalm 34:18



2 | a connection with others

God created us to have friendships and connections with other people.  We were designed to thrive with other’s help.  The hard thing is many of us have been hurt by others, so it’s difficult to draw close to others; however, that is not what God desires.  He wants us to have an open, a loving, and a trusting relationships with other people as He desires to have with us.

  • Who is that person or people that you trust, and can get you through nearly, if not every situation you deal with
  • Has that relationship taken a long time to grow or does it feel like it occurred overnight?
  • With God desiring the same connection as you have friends and family, what does that say about who He is and why He created us?

Scripture: John 15:15


3 | your new identity

Your identity is not determined by your past.  Ruth was a Moabite widow living in Judah.  Moabite’s were looked down on by the Israelites, so Ruth’s future did not seem promising for her.  Ruth could have let that get the best of her; however, she was determined to find a better life.  God has given you a new life as well.

  • Have you ever found yourself in a season where you let your past define your decisions in life, ministry, or relationships?
  • What has God done for each of us in order to give us new beginnings?

Scripture: Ruth 2:8-9