Living without Regrets
Part 2

| Group Study |


Watch the short clips below, and answer the questions associated with each.  You can do this alone - but it's always more fun with a group of friends! Be sure to read/study the scriptures in each section.  God's word is the standard by which we measure all our thoughts and ideas.


1 | training & equipping

Pastor Jim makes a great point about our tendency to over-equip.  Constantly chasing after the newest Christian trends isn't healthy for us or our unbelieving friends.
BUT, we live in an amazing age where we have easy access to the best training, speakers, books, and conferences.  What is your favorite resource?  What is your go-to worship / speaker / ministry when you're craving fresh revelation.


2 | against the goads

It's a powerful metaphor.  When we are resisting the call of Jesus, it's similar to an ox kicking against the goad.  

There is no question about it, God wants the absolute best for us.  When we "kick back," what good does it do?  What is the result?  What's happened in your life when you've resisted the promptings of the Holy Spirit?

scripture: Acts 7:51


3 | Potential

In Physics we talk about an object's potential energy.  A ball sitting on a ledge 100 feet up has a lot of potential energy.  When an archer pulls back the string with an arrow knocked, the arrow has potential energy.  It hasn't been released yet - but it's got the potential to go a long ways.

The same is true for us.  Even today, no matter what you've been through.  No matter what you've done - as a Christian, you have tons of potential to do amazing things for the kingdom.  So, what's stopping you?  Why is the proverbial ball still sitting on the ledge?

scripture: Ephesians 2:10


4 | painful

Sometimes we allow the pain of our past to derail us from the future God has planned for us.  Like clay in the hands of a potter, we must allow God to mold us and shape us.

There must be a point when we move on from the pain of our past and step in to something new.  Something amazing.  How do we do that?  When an experience or a period in our life seeks to overwhelm us with pain every time the memory comes up - how do we "move on?"  How do we walk acheive victory?

scripture: Job 2:7-10